Aluminium Roof Lanterns

Illuminate and elevate your space with Korniche’s bespoke roof lanterns.

An aluminium roof lantern from Korniche can revolutionise the ambience of any room by filling it with natural light. Catering to each homeowner’s unique vision, Korniche offers customised designs to bring your dream space to life.

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Seamless Style

Featuring invisible fastenings and smooth, seamless joints, your roof lantern not only transforms the visual aspect of your living area, but also significantly alters its ambience.

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Aluminium Die-Cast Elements

By using aluminium, we can craft die-cast components with exceptional precision and incredible tolerances.

The result is outstanding weather durability, excellent thermal insulation, minimal upkeep, and striking visual appeal.

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*Sizes denote frame to glass measurements for casement windows
**Lead times displayed may change without prior notice and will depend on installation availability.

Instant Installation

With their carefully considered design, Korniche roof lanterns can be installed in mere minutes and glazed almost instantly.

They stand as the quickest and most user-friendly available option on the market.

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*Sizes denote frame to glass measurements for casement windows
**Lead times displayed may change without prior notice and will depend on installation availability.

Fully Thermally Broken

External aluminium components are thermally separated from the internal ones via thermal breaks, significantly minimising heat transfer.

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Market-Leading Strength

Our roof lanterns are carefully designed to offer unparalleled strength and rigidity, setting industry standards by accommodating the largest glass dimensions without requiring extra rafters.

Victorian-Influenced Rafters and Spas

Echoing the elegance of classic timber designs, our roof lantern features rafters and spas with some of the slimmest sightlines in the industry, allowing for a more expansive and unobstructed view.

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Crafted to Suit Your Style

You can customise everything from sizes, RAL colours down to the configuration and glass options.

Just bring your vision and we’ll make it a reality.

Configuration Options

  • Bespoke sizes up to 6m x 4m
  • Fixed 25˚pitch
  • 24mm double-glazed units
  • Largest rectangular lantern with only 4 glass units: 3m x 2.5m (external size)
  • Largest overall rectangular lantern size: 6m x 4m (external size)
  • Largest Pyramid lantern with only 4 glass units: 2.5m x 2.5m (external size)
  • Largest Pyramid lantern: 4m x 4m (external size)

Colours and Glass Options

We offer 150+ colours in matt, satin or gloss, including the option to have different colours on the inside and outside of the frames. No matter your style, we’ll find the right shade for you.

  • Three stock RAL colours
    – RAL 9010 – Gloss White
    – RAL 7016 – Matt Grey
    – RAL 9005 – Matt Black
  • Dual colours available at no extra cost when selecting two of our stock colours
  • Bespoke RAL and BS colours available
  • Ball finial option available
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Glass Specification



Premium Aqua

Premium Blue



U Value

1.2 W/m2k

1.0 W/m2k

1.0 W/m2k

1.2 W/m2k

1.2 W/m2k

Solar Heat Reflection






Light Transmission







Roof Lantern FAQs

What is ‘self-cleaning’ glass?

Self-cleaning glass integrates both solar control and self-cleaning features, making it a top choice for homeowners seeking the pinnacle in glass technology. The special coating on the glass not only decomposes organic grime but also minimises the stickiness of inorganic particles. Water forms a sheet on the surface, sweeping away the loosened dirt as it flows off. The outcome is strikingly effective, leading to visibly cleaner glass.

Like all metals, aluminium conducts heat. Without thermal breaks in our profiles, the warmth inside would be siphoned off to the colder exterior. We circumvent this ‘thermal bridge’ by integrating polyamide sections between the interior and exterior parts of the profile. Polyamide, a glass-filled plastic, serves as an insulator, effectively preventing almost any heat conduction through it.

Korniche roof lanterns are designed for straightforward installation and can be installed without a specialist tradesperson. They do not require any specialised tools and the components are engineered to be incredibly user-friendly.

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